Apricot is a fruit that brings a unique flavor profile to beer brewing. Its sweet and slightly tart taste adds a refreshing twist to various beer styles. When used in brewing, apricot influences the taste of beer by imparting fruity notes and enhancing its overall complexity.

Apricot is commonly used in brewing for adding both aroma and flavor to beers. It can be utilized during different stages of the brewing process like fermentation or as an addition post-fermentation. This versatile fruit contributes a distinct character to many beer styles such as wheat beers, pale ales, sour beers, and Belgian-style brews.

Apart from its flavor-enhancing qualities, Apricot also possesses properties that make it suitable for use in beer brewing. It contains natural sugars which can ferment into alcohol during the fermentation process. Additionally, the high water content helps with maintaining hydration levels throughout the brewing process.



0 < 8 < 91 EBC
1 < 4 < 35 °L

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