Most Popular Beer Yeasts by July 2024

Yeasts and bacteria are responsible for the magical transformation that turns simple sugars into alcohol and carbon dioxide, giving beer its intoxicating qualities and effervescence. Explore the myriad strains that brewers worship and utilize, each with its own unique characteristics that influence the taste, aroma, and texture of the final product. We'll uncover the most popular yeasts making waves in the brewing world today, showcasing the trending strains that are defining the cutting-edge of beer production.

Most Searched Yeasts

Search engine data offers a fascinating lens into the world of beer brewing, particularly in understanding the yeast strains that brewers and beer enthusiasts are looking for. By analyzing the search frequencies for various yeast strains, we gain insights into the yeast varieties that are most influential today. This analysis not only highlights the most wanted yeasts (and bacteria), but also reflects the evolving tastes in brewing.

  1. BSI · American Microbrewery Ale A-72
  2. Lallemand · Lalvin EC-1118
  3. AEB · Fermoale AY4
  4. Lallemand · LalBrew Köln Kölsch Style Ale
  5. Lallemand · LalBrew Voss Kveik Ale
  6. AEB · Fermolager W
  7. WHC Lab · Saturated
  8. BSI · Augustiner Lager
  9. Lallemand · Lalvin 71B
  10. Lallemand · Lalvin ICV D47

Most Used Yeasts

A complementary method to uncover the most favored yeasts in beer brewing is by looking at the yeast strains featured in of beer recipes. Through a thorough examination of recipes from the homebrewing community, we can pinpoint the yeast varieties that are most favoured among brewers. This approach not only reveals the most preferred yeasts but also unveils trends and preferences within the community.

  1. Fermentis · Safale American Ale US-05
  2. Fermentis · Safale English Ale S-04
  3. White Labs · California Ale WLP001
  4. Wyeast · American Ale 1056
  5. Wyeast · American Ale II 1272
  6. Fermentis · Saflager German Lager W-34/70
  7. Lallemand · LalBrew Nottingham Ale
  8. Wyeast · London Ale III 1318
  9. Fermentis · Saflager German Lager S-23
  10. White Labs · English Ale WLP002