Wyeast · American Ale II 1272

16.0 – 22.0°C

The American Ale II (1272) from Wyeast is a popular liquid ale yeast with a broad range of application in brewing. This yeast is known for its high flocculation properties, ensuring that the yeast will clump and settle at the bottom of the fermenter, providing a clear beer. With an alcohol tolerance of 10.0%, it can be used for a variety of beer styles, including some stronger ones. The yeast exhibits an attenuation of 74.0%, meaning it will consume about 74% of the sugars present in the wort, contributing to the final alcohol content and dryness of the beer. The ideal fermentation temperature for American Ale II is 16.0-22.0 °C (60.8-71.6 °F), offering a balance of fast, healthy fermentation and flavor development.

In terms of beer styles, American Ale II is particularly suited to American Pale Ale, American IPA, American Stout, and other American styles that aim for a clean, smooth, slightly nutty character. It also performs well in English-style ales. Its flavor profile is more balanced and less fruity than many other ale yeasts, with a slightly nutty and smooth character that doesn't hide the hops or malt, making it a versatile choice for many brewers.

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