List of Beer Yeasts and Bacteria

Explore our comprehensive guide on 690 beer yeasts, including blends, brettanomyces and bacteria. Our extensive analysis offers insights to enhance your brewing experience and optimize flavor. With yeast significantly influencing beer taste, making the right choice is critical. The variety might be daunting, given new releases frequently. However, there are popular choices among brewers—yeasts that consistently yield excellent results.

Ale Yeast

Most popular:
  1. Lallemand · LalBrew Voss Kveik Ale
  2. Lallemand · LalBrew Köln Kölsch Style Ale
  3. AEB · Fermoale AY4
  4. Lallemand · Sourvisiae
  5. WHC Lab · Saturated


Crescat Labs

Crossmyloof Brew

East Coast Yeast



Imperial Yeast

Inland Island Yeast

Mangrove Jack's

Omega Yeast Labs

RVA Yeast Labs

The Yeast Bay

White Labs



Lager Yeast

Most popular:
  1. AEB · Fermolager W
  2. BSI · Augustiner Lager
  3. White Labs · Munich Helles (WLP860)
  4. Imperial Yeast · Pilgrimage (L26)
  5. White Labs · Copenhagen Lager (WLP850)

Omega Yeast Labs

White Labs



Wheat Yeast

Brett & Bacteria

Most popular:
  1. GigaYeast · Sour Plum Belgian (GB123)
  2. The Yeast Bay · Amalgamation - Brett Super Blend II (WLP4641)
  3. Bootleg Biology · Berliner Blend (BBXBRLN)
  4. Omega Yeast Labs · Brettanomyces Claussenii (OYL-201)
  5. White Labs · Brettanomyces Bruxellensis Trois Vrai (WLP648)


Wine & Cider Yeast