Most Popular Beer Styles by June 2024

Beer styles each have their own distinct personality, taste, and history that resonates with enthusiasts and casual drinkers alike. In this comprehensive exploration, we discover the most popular beer styles of today. Whether you're a homebrewer or a newcomer thirsty for knowledge, this analysis will quench your curiosity, shedding light what makes beer lovers around the world excited about these brews.

Most Searched Beer Styles

Leveraging Google search volume to uncover trends in the beer world offers a fascinating glimpse into the styles that capture the imagination and taste buds of beer enthusiasts globally. This analysis delves into the digital footprint of beer styles, from the ever-popular IPAs to the subtle complexities of sour ales, revealing what drinkers are curious about and craving today.

  1. Blonde Ale
  2. American Amber Ale
  3. Märzen
  4. American Lager
  5. Weissbier
  6. Black IPA
  7. Hazy IPA
  8. Munich Dunkel
  9. Witbier
  10. Vienna Lager

Most Brewed Beer Styles

Discovering the most beloved beer styles through the number of published recipes offers a unique peek into the preferences and trends among homebrewers. By sifting through a vast collection of beer recipes, we can uncover which styles are favored, so you can dive deeper into their distinct flavors, brewing techniques, and cultural significance.

  1. American IPA
  2. American Pale Ale
  3. Saison
  4. Specialty IPA
  5. Hazy IPA
  6. Imperial Stout
  7. Double IPA
  8. Weissbier
  9. Blonde Ale
  10. American Porter