Grape Ale

BJCP 2021:


Grape Ale is a unique craft beer style that represents a blend of brewing and winemaking traditions. This style is characterized by the inclusion of grapes during the brewing process, which can impart various nuances depending on the type of grapes used, their origin, and when they are added to the brew. The historical roots of Grape Ale may not be deeply established like other traditional beer styles since it's somewhat of a modern innovation; however, wine-beer hybrids have been experimented with for years, if not centuries in various cultures.

Appearance-wise, Grape Ales can range from light gold to deep purple or red, mimicking the color palette found in wines. The visual clarity varies from clear to hazy based on how it was brewed and refined before packaging. Aromatically, this style offers an intriguing intersection where the fruitiness derived from both yeast fermentation and grape varietal can shine through – the scent blending earthy hop notes with vinous tones that recall white or red wine characteristics. The flavor profile of a Grape Ale typically showcases a harmonious blend between malted grains and grape flavors. With each sip, one might detect malt sweetness balanced against grape-derived tartness or tannins. The overall taste experience will vary widely based on factors like the choice between wine or table grapes, the particular variety (such as Merlot or Chardonnay), and whether the skins are included during fermentation for tannin extraction. Mouthfeel generally tends to be more wine-like than beer-like if a significant amount of grape juice or must is used in brewing.

When thinking about related styles, Grape Ale could share similarities with Belgian Fruit Lambics due to their fruit additions but without Lambic’s distinct sour/funky profile unless that character is intentionally introduced by using specific yeast strains or bacteria.



6.0 – 8.5 %

In Database
5.4 < 6.5 < 8.4 %


10 – 30 IBU

In Database
10 < 24 < 39 IBU


8 – 16 EBC
4 – 8 SRM

In Database
6 < 8 < 16 EBC
3 < 4 < 8 SRM

Original Extract

14.4 – 18.1 °P
1.059 – 1.075 OG

In Database
11.8 < 14.0 < 18.6 °P
1.048 < 1.057 < 1.078 OG

Final Gravity

1.0 – 3.3 °P
1.004 – 1.013 FG

In Database
1.1 < 2.8 < 4.4 °P
1.004 < 1.011 < 1.017 FG

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