Fruit Lambic

BJCP 2021:
🇧🇪 Belgium


Fruit Lambic is a traditional Belgian style of beer that incorporates fruits, most classically cherries (Kriek) or raspberries (Framboise), but can also feature other fruits like peaches, blackberries, or grapes. This type of Lambic is a result of spontaneous fermentation carried out by wild yeasts and bacteria naturally present in the Senne valley near Brussels, where this unique style originated. The fruit addition to the beer occurs after the initial spontaneous fermentation has commenced, allowing for a secondary fermentation with the fruit sugars. Historically, this technique not only added natural sweetness and flavor but also served as a means of preserving the fruits before modern refrigeration.

In terms of appearance, Fruit Lambics can vary widely depending on the fruit used but typically have vibrant hues that suggest the type of fruit in the brew. A cherry Lambic, for example, may display a deep red color while a raspberry version could be more ruby or pinkish. The head can range but tends to be quite frothy and quickly dissipating due to high acidity and aging process. Regarding flavor and aroma profiles, they showcase a blend between the acidic and barnyard characteristics typical of Lambics with fresh juicy essences given off by their respective fruits. There's often an interplay between sweet and sour notes depending on factors such as fruit variety, ripeness at time of addition, and length of maturation. Their complex taste is marked by funky undertones from Brettanomyces yeast alongside lactic sourness derived from Lactobacillus bacteria; oak-woodiness can also be present if aged in barrels. Despite substantial sourness generally taking center stage alongside nuanced tart fruitiness from its fruity incorporation; these beers can occasionally present mild sweetness especially if young or containing sweeter fruits.

Related styles include other members from the Lambic family such as Gueuze – a blend of old and young Lambics – and unfruited variations commonly referred to simply as "Lambic" or "Traditional Lambic" which lack additional flavoring ingredients yet exhibit similar wild characters driven by their specific microflora influenced fermentations.



5.0 – 7.0 %

In Database
4.5 < 5.7 < 7.5 %


In Database
2 < 8 < 15 IBU


6 – 14 EBC
3 – 7 SRM

In Database
5 < 8 < 14 EBC
2 < 4 < 7 SRM

Original Extract

10.0 – 14.7 °P
1.040 – 1.060 OG

In Database
10.4 < 13.2 < 17.4 °P
1.042 < 1.054 < 1.072 OG

Final Gravity

0.0 – 2.6 °P
1.000 – 1.010 FG

In Database
0.5 < 2.8 < 5.3 °P
1.002 < 1.011 < 1.021 FG

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