Specialty IPA

Includes styles: Session IPA

BJCP 2021:


Specialty IPA is a broad category encompassing various substyles of the iconic India Pale Ale that don't fall into the traditional bins such as American IPA or the more recent classifications like Hazy IPA (also known as the New England IPA). Instead, Specialty IPAs incorporate unique or atypical ingredients, techniques, or characteristics that differentiate them from mainstream varieties.

Flavor and aroma profiles in Specialty IPAs are where brewers flex their creative muscles. These beers often feature bold hops flavors that differ from those found in classic IPAs due to the use of unconventional hops, adjuncts such as fruit, spices, herbs or other botanicals, unusual grains, or by employing special fermentation processes. This allows for a wide spectrum of potential tastes and smells; some might have a pronounced citrusy or fruity character while others might lean towards floral, piney, spicy or even earthy notes depending on what's been added during brewing. Regardless of these additions, they still relate closely to other IPA styles through maintaining an overall balance between intense hop bitterness and malt backbone with an accentuation on the innovation aspect within the hop-driven realm of the IPA category.

This beer style has some specialized sub-styles:



In Database
3.8 < 6.3 < 8.8 %


In Database
14 < 56 < 106 IBU


In Database
6 < 19 < 95 EBC
3 < 10 < 48 SRM

Original Extract

In Database
9.4 < 14.9 < 20.4 °P
1.037 < 1.061 < 1.085 OG

Final Gravity

In Database
1.3 < 3.2 < 5.7 °P
1.005 < 1.013 < 1.022 FG

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