Mangrove Jack's · US West Coast M44

15.0 – 23.0°C

Mangrove Jack's US West Coast (M44) is a dry ale yeast renowned for its versatile usage across various beer styles. With an impressive attenuation of 78.0%, it ensures that most of the sugars in the wort get converted into alcohol, resulting in a more dry and less sweet beer. Its high flocculation property ensures that yeast cells clump together and settle at the bottom of the fermenter, leaving a clear beer with less sediment.

This yeast thrives at an ideal fermentation temperature range of 59.0-73.4°F (15.0-23.0°C), allowing for a broad spectrum of brewing environments. It is commonly used in crafting typical beer styles like American Pale Ale, American IPA, and other US-style ales, where its characteristic performance helps shape the desired outcome. The US West Coast (M44) yeast imparts a neutral flavor profile, thus allowing the hop character and the malt backbone of the beer to shine through, contributing to its popularity among home and craft brewers alike.

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