Mangrove Jack's · New World Strong Ale M42

16.0 – 22.0°C


Mangrove Jack's New World Strong Ale (M42) is a high-performing dry ale yeast that offers brewers a versatile option for a wide range of ales. With its robust attenuation of 79.5%, it can effectively ferment sugars, resulting in a beer that is less sweet and more alcohol-forward. Its high flocculation characteristic means it clumps together and settles at the bottom of the fermenter after fermentation, contributing to clearer beer without the need for filtration or fining. This yeast is best used at an ideal fermentation temperature of 60.8-71.6°F (16.0-22.0°C), which can be readily maintained in most home brewing setups.

This yeast is typically used in brewing strong ales, including but not limited to American IPAs, English Ales, Barley Wines, and Imperial Stouts. The New World Strong Ale M42 yeast is known to impart a unique flavor profile, producing beers that have a blend of fruity and estery notes with a slight hint of alcohol heat, perfect for those who enjoy a beer with complexity and a distinct character. This yeast strain is well-suited to producing beers that not only possess a high alcohol content but also maintain a balanced and palatable flavor profile.

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