List of Wine & Cider Yeasts

Wine and cider yeasts differ significantly from traditional beer yeasts, imparting unique flavors and characteristics to beers. These yeasts can tolerate higher alcohol levels, often resulting in beers with higher alcohol by volume (ABV) compared to those brewed with traditional beer yeasts like Saccharomyces pastorianus or Saccharomyces diastaticus. Wine and cider yeasts also consume different sugar types, which can result in drier beers with fewer residual sugars, and can exhibit a greater production of fruity and floral esters and phenols.

The use of wine and cider yeasts in beer brewing is more experimental and less bound by tradition, often resulting in hybrid styles that defy traditional categorization. While they are not typically used in classical beer styles, they have found favor in the production of strong ales, Belgian styles, and fruit beers, where their ability to highlight and enhance fruity characteristics is beneficial. Wine yeast, in particular, can also be used to add complexity to barrel-aged beers, where its high alcohol tolerance can shine. Therefore, brewers seeking to push the boundaries of conventional beer flavors may find wine and cider yeasts to be intriguing tools in their brewing arsenal.

Most popular:
  1. Lallemand · Lalvin EC-1118
  2. Lallemand · Lalvin ICV D47
  3. Lallemand · Lalvin 71B
  4. Mangrove Jack's · Mead (M05)
  5. Mangrove Jack's · Cider (M02)