Fruit Beer

BJCP 2021:


Fruit Beer is a unique and diverse style of beer that incorporates the addition of real fruits at any point during the production process. This style's history traces back to times when brewers would add whatever local fruits were available to their brews to create different flavors and enhance sweetness or acidity. Modern fruit beers can be based on virtually any underlying beer style, including light lagers, wheat beers, stouts, and even sour ales. The fruit character should be evident but balanced with the base beer style, creating a harmonious blend without overpowering the traditional beer elements.

In terms of appearance, Fruit Beers can vary widely depending on both the base style and the type of fruit used. The color may range from pale straw to deep brown, often taking on hues from the fruit itself which can result in pink, red, purple or orange-tinted beers. Clarity also varies from clear to hazy based upon the base beer and whether fruit purees or pectins are present. A well-crafted Fruit Beer may have a head that features color tinting from the fruit as well as retention characteristics influenced by both the base beer and the sugars provided by the addition of fruit.

The aroma and flavor profile of a Fruit Beer will prominently feature the essence of the added fruit(s), which should complement but not overshadow the original character of the base beer style. The sweetness level ranges according to both the perceived sweetness of underlying styles and how much residual sugar remains after fermentation of fructose found in fruits. The actual sensory experience could offer anything from tartness in berries to juicy citrus notes or tropical vibes drawn from mangoes or pineapples. Bitterness levels typically align with those suitable for its base style, yet they can be nuanced by any tart or sweet impressions contributed by chosen fruits.



In Database
3.0 < 5.5 < 11.1 %


In Database
3 < 21 < 72 IBU


In Database
4 < 11 < 68 EBC
2 < 6 < 34 SRM

Original Extract

In Database
7.7 < 13.4 < 24.1 °P
1.030 < 1.055 < 1.103 OG

Final Gravity

In Database
0.8 < 3.3 < 6.9 °P
1.003 < 1.013 < 1.027 FG

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