Blackberry is a versatile fruit that has found its way into the world of beer brewing, adding unique flavor profiles and enhancing the taste of various beer styles. Its distinct sweet-tart taste and aroma contribute to creating a delightful balance in beers. The inclusion of Blackberries in brewing can influence the taste by imparting fruity notes, subtle acidity, and sometimes even a hint of earthiness.

Blackberries are often used in brewing for their ability to add complexity and depth to different beer styles such as pale ales, wheat beers, sours, or even stouts. Due to their vibrant color and rich flavors, they lend themselves well to fruit-forward or tart creations. Blackberry-infused beers can range from light-bodied with refreshing tanginess to full-bodied brews with pronounced berry characteristics. Blackberries bring natural sugars that ferment during the brewing process while also contributing antioxidants and vitamins. They provide brewers with an opportunity to experiment with flavors and create exciting new combinations that cater to diverse palates.



0 < 212 < 453 EBC
1 < 80 < 170 °L

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