Carambola, also known as starfruit, is a tropical fruit that has found its way into beer brewing due to its unique flavor profile. The fruit has a crisp and juicy texture with a tangy-sweet taste reminiscent of citrus fruits like pineapple and lime. When added to beer during the brewing process, Carambola brings an exotic twist to the taste by imparting hints of tropical flavors.

The addition of Carambola in beer not only influences the taste but also adds complexity and depth to the final product. Its tartness helps balance out any sweetness from malt or other fruits used in brewing, resulting in a well-rounded flavor profile. Carambola can be used for various purposes in beer production, including adding subtle fruity aromas or serving as the main flavor component.

One of the key properties of Carambola is its high acidity level which makes it suitable for fermentation processes. This fruit contains natural enzymes that aid in breaking down sugars into alcohol during fermentation, contributing to the overall character of the beer. While Carambola can be incorporated into different styles of beers such as wheat beers or pale ales, it is particularly popular in sour beers where its tanginess complements and enhances their refreshing nature.



23 < 23 < 23 EBC
9 < 9 < 9 °L


2.3 < 20.0 < 60.8 %

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