Fig is a unique fruit that has found its way into the world of beer brewing. With its distinct flavor profile, Fig adds a rich and sweet taste to beers. Its influence on the taste of beer can range from subtle undertones to more dominant flavors, depending on how it is used in the brewing process.

In addition to adding flavor, Fig is also used for its properties as a fermentable sugar source. The natural sugars present in Figs are converted by yeast during fermentation, resulting in increased alcohol content and body in the finished beer. This makes it an excellent ingredient for creating robust and full-bodied brews. Fig is commonly used in darker beer styles such as stouts and porters due to its ability to complement roasted malt flavors and add complexity. It pairs well with other ingredients like chocolate or coffee, enhancing their profiles while providing a touch of sweetness.



0 < 39 < 185 EBC
1 < 15 < 70 °L


0.5 < 7.5 < 43.0 %

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