Honeydew Melon



Honeydew Melon, with its sweet and juicy flavor profile, is finding an interesting application in beer brewing. Its unique taste brings a refreshing twist to the beverage, adding subtle notes of honey and tropical fruit. The use of Honeydew Melon in beer influences the overall taste by imparting a delicate sweetness and enhancing the fruity characteristics.

Brewers primarily utilize Honeydew Melon for its aromatic properties, which contribute to creating complex and enticing beers. This fruit can be used during various stages of the brewing process – from mashing to fermentation or even as a finishing touch. It pairs well with different styles like pale ales, wheat beers, or lighter lagers where its mild flavors complement their crispness.



10 < 23 < 23 EBC
4 < 9 < 9 °L


5.3 < 26.0 < 51.7 %

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