Lime is a versatile fruit that finds its application in beer brewing, adding a unique flavor profile to the brew. It imparts a refreshing and tangy taste with citrus undertones, making it an excellent choice for those seeking a zesty twist to their beer. Lime influences the taste of beer by providing a bright acidity and enhancing the overall freshness of the beverage.

In addition to its flavor contribution, Lime serves various purposes in beer brewing. It can be used during different stages of production, such as during mashing or fermentation, depending on the desired outcome. Lime also acts as a natural preservative due to its antibacterial properties and helps maintain stability within the brew.

When it comes to specific beer styles brewed with Lime, popular choices include Mexican-style lagers like Corona or Pacifico, where Lime wedges are often added for an extra burst of citrus goodness. Additionally, some craft breweries experiment with incorporating Lime into wheat beers or sour ales for an interesting twist on traditional styles.



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