Lychee, a tropical fruit native to Southeast Asia, has found its way into the realm of beer brewing and is making quite an impact. Known for its sweet and floral flavor profile with hints of rosewater and grape, Lychee adds a unique twist to traditional beer recipes. Its presence in the brewing process infuses the beverage with a distinct fruity aroma and taste that is both refreshing and tantalizing.

When used in beer brewing, Lychee acts as an adjunct ingredient that enhances the overall flavor experience. It brings a delightful sweetness without being overpowering while also contributing subtle floral notes that complement various styles of beer. Brewers often use Lychee to create light-bodied beers such as wheat or pale ales, where its delicate flavors can shine through. Additionally, its properties lend themselves well to sour or fruited beers where it can contribute acidity and complexity.



1 < 4 < 6 EBC
1 < 2 < 3 °L


6.9 < 27.8 < 90.3 %

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