Prunes, the dried form of plums, have found a unique application in beer brewing. With their rich and sweet flavor profile, Prunes contribute to enhancing the taste of beer by adding notes of caramel, dark fruit, and subtle acidity. The addition of Prunes in the brewing process influences both the aroma and flavor profile of the beer, creating a complex yet balanced taste.

Prunes are primarily used as an adjunct ingredient in brewing to impart specific characteristics to different styles of beers. Their properties include high sugar content that ferments into alcohol during fermentation, providing additional sweetness and body to the final product. Additionally, Prunes contain natural tannins that add depth and complexity to beers while contributing a slight dryness on the palate.

The typical beer styles brewed with Prunes include strong ales such as Belgian quadrupels or barleywines. These styles benefit from the prune's ability to enhance maltiness while balancing it with its inherent fruity sweetness. Prune-infused beers often exhibit deep amber hues along with layers of flavors ranging from toasted maltiness to hints of ripe stone fruits like plum or raisin.



2 < 39 < 256 EBC
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