Raisins, as a fruit, have found an interesting application in beer brewing. When used in the brewing process, they bring a unique flavor profile to the table. Raisins add notes of sweetness and subtle tartness to the beer, lending it a complex and fruity taste. The influence on the overall taste can vary depending on the amount of Raisins used and when they are added during fermentation.

Typically, Raisins are utilized in brewing for their ability to enhance flavors or contribute to specific styles of beer. They can be added directly into the mash or boiled with other ingredients during wort production. Due to their high sugar content, Raisins provide fermentable sugars that yeast can convert into alcohol, contributing both flavor and increased alcohol content.

The properties of Raisins make them suitable for several different types of beers. They work particularly well in darker beer styles such as stouts or porters where their rich sweetness complements roasted malt flavors superbly. Additionally, Belgian-style beers like Dubbels or Tripels benefit from the addition of Raisins as they add complexity and depth to these already flavorful brews.



0 < 12 < 159 EBC
1 < 5 < 60 °L


0.6 < 4.0 < 46.6 %

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