Raspberry is a fruit that finds its application in beer brewing, adding unique flavors and characteristics to the final product. Known for its distinct sweet-tart flavor profile, Raspberries bring a vibrant and fruity taste to beers. Their influence on the taste of beer can range from subtle hints of Raspberry to bold and dominant flavors depending on the amount used during brewing.

In beer brewing, Raspberries are primarily used as a flavoring ingredient or adjunct to enhance the overall taste experience. They provide natural sweetness and acidity, balancing out other ingredients like hops and malt. Raspberry's properties also contribute to the coloration of beers, giving them an appealing reddish hue. This versatile fruit can be incorporated into various beer styles such as wheat beers, stouts, sours, or even experimental brews where brewers aim to create unique flavor combinations by blending Raspberry with different ingredients.



0 < 12 < 292 EBC
1 < 5 < 110 °L

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