Watermelon, with its sweet and refreshing flavor profile, has found an interesting application in beer brewing. When added to the brewing process, Watermelon imparts a subtle but distinct taste to the beer. Its natural sweetness helps balance out the bitterness of hops and adds a fruity note that complements various beer styles.

Watermelon is primarily used as an adjunct during fermentation or as a puree added during secondary fermentation. It brings unique properties like its vibrant red color, juicy texture, and high water content which contribute to both the appearance and mouthfeel of the final product. This fruit is commonly incorporated into wheat beers, pale ales, and light lagers where it lends a delicate hint of Watermelon without overpowering other flavors.



0 < 9 < 113 EBC
1 < 4 < 43 °L

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