Cinnamon, a popular spice derived from the bark of certain tree species, has found its way into the world of beer brewing. Known for its warm and sweet flavor profile with hints of spiciness, cinnamon adds depth and complexity to the taste of beer. Its distinct aroma and taste are easily recognizable and can enhance various beer styles.

When used in brewing, cinnamon influences the taste of beer by imparting its unique characteristics. It brings a pleasant warmth to the brew while adding subtle notes of sweetness and spice. Cinnamon is often combined with other ingredients like vanilla or nutmeg to create complex flavors that complement different beer styles.

Cinnamon is primarily used as an adjunct ingredient in brewing to add additional layers of flavor to beers such as stouts, porters, winter ales, or pumpkin ales. It pairs well with malty beers due to its ability to balance out their richness with its own distinctive taste. The properties of cinnamon make it suitable for both mashing during brewing or added directly during fermentation stages.



0 < 6 < 25 EBC
1 < 3 < 10 °L

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