Clementine, a popular fruit known for its sweet and citrusy taste, has found its way into the world of beer brewing. When added to beer, it imparts a distinct flavor profile characterized by bright and refreshing notes of orange zest and subtle hints of sweetness. This infusion adds complexity and depth to the overall taste experience.

The use of Clementine in beer brewing is primarily focused on enhancing the fruity flavors already present in certain beer styles. It can be used during various stages of the brewing process, from adding it directly to the fermentation vessel or using Clementine extract or puree during conditioning or bottling. Its properties allow brewers to experiment with different levels of intensity, resulting in beers that range from subtly accented to intensely aromatic.

Clementine is commonly used in lighter beer styles such as wheat beers, Belgian ales, and pale ales where its vibrant citrus character complements their crispness and enhances their drinkability. Additionally, it can also be incorporated into seasonal brews like summer shandies or winter spiced ales for an extra burst of freshness amidst other warming spices. The application of Clementine offers brewers endless opportunities for creativity while appealing to those seeking new sensory experiences within their favorite brews.



12 < 12 < 12 EBC
5 < 5 < 5 °L


1.5 < 5.1 < 23.9 %

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