Cocoa is a versatile ingredient that has found its way into the world of beer brewing, adding unique flavors and aromas to various styles of beer. With its rich and complex flavor profile characterized by notes of chocolate, coffee, and even hints of fruitiness, cocoa imparts a distinct taste to the brews it is used in. The use of cocoa in beer can influence the taste by providing a smooth and velvety mouthfeel along with a subtle bitterness.

Cocoa is primarily used in brewing to enhance or complement other ingredients like roasted malts or specialty grains. It adds depth and complexity to stouts, porters, brown ales, and other dark beers where its robust flavors harmonize well with those malt-forward profiles. Additionally, cocoa's natural oils contribute to head retention in beers while also bringing out the sweetness from any residual sugars present during fermentation.



1 < 12 < 1,199 EBC
1 < 5 < 450 °L

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