Hazelnut is a popular ingredient in beer brewing due to its distinct flavor profile. It adds a rich and nutty taste to the beer, enhancing its overall complexity. The influence of Hazelnut on the taste of beer can vary depending on how it is used during the brewing process. When added as whole roasted nuts or crushed kernels, Hazelnut provides a pronounced aroma and flavor that complements certain styles of beer.

The application of Hazelnut in beer brewing extends beyond just adding flavor. It also contributes to the mouthfeel and body of the brew, giving it a smooth and velvety texture. Hazelnuts are commonly used in stouts, porters, brown ales, and other dark beers where their earthy notes blend well with chocolatey or coffee flavors. Additionally, Hazelnut-infused beers are often enjoyed during colder months as they provide warmth and depth.



12 < 12 < 55 EBC
5 < 5 < 21 °L


0.6 < 7.0 < 24.1 %

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