Jasmine, a fragrant spice and herb, is increasingly being used in beer brewing to add unique flavors and aromas. Known for its floral profile with notes of sweet Jasmine flowers, it brings an exotic touch to the taste of beer. The delicate yet distinctive fragrance of Jasmine can greatly influence the overall flavor profile by adding a subtle sweetness and aromatic complexity.

Brewers use Jasmine primarily as an adjunct ingredient to enhance specific styles or create innovative brews. It is often utilized in lighter beers such as lagers, wheat beers, or pale ales where its floral characteristics complement the crispness and lightness of these styles. Jasmine's properties include anti-inflammatory and soothing effects on digestion, making it appealing beyond just its flavor contributions.



0 < 1 < 42 EBC
1 < 1 < 16 °L


5.5 < 19.9 < 39.2 %

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