Alternative Sugar Beer

BJCP 2021:


Alternative Sugar Beer is a category of beer characterized by the significant use of sugars other than traditional malted grains. This type of beer incorporates sugars such as honey, syrup, molasses, or even unrefined forms like jaggery or panela to impart unique flavors and characteristics that are not usually found in standard beers. These additional sugars can be employed either as a supplement to or a replacement for some portion of the malt.

The specific sugar chosen will largely dictate flavor and aroma characteristics – e.g. honey might contribute a floral note while molasses could give off richer, more intense flavors. Despite the dominant presence of alternative sugars, it's important that these beers maintain a balance between sweetness and fermentation character so that they don't come off as overly cloying or one-dimensional. Instead, they should offer complexity with possible hints of the sugars' original sources mingling with traditional beer flavors from hops, yeast, and any residual malt character.



In Database
0.0 < 5.1 < 17.6 %


In Database
4 < 24 < 94 IBU


In Database
1 < 10 < 67 EBC
1 < 5 < 34 SRM

Original Extract

In Database
1.0 < 12.0 < 35.0 °P
1.004 < 1.048 < 1.156 OG

Final Gravity

In Database
-0.3 < 2.2 < 9.1 °P
0.999 < 1.009 < 1.036 FG

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