Commercial Specialty Beer

BJCP 2021:


Commercial Specialty Beers encompass a broad range of unique beers that do not fit into traditional beer style categories. This category is a catch-all, designed to include beers that are crafted using unusual ingredients, techniques, or that exhibit characteristics which distinguish them from classic style definitions. The history of these beers often reflects innovative brewing practices or the incorporation of local or non-traditional ingredients, which can be inspired by regional flavors, seasonal availability, or the creative whims of the brewer.

The flavor and aroma profiles of Commercial Specialty Beers are as diverse as their appearances, since there is no standard look these beers must adhere to. They often hint at familiar styles but then take a detour through unexpected tastes and scents introduced by novel additions or aging processes. Ingredients such as fruits, spices, herbs, and unconventional grains – or aging in barrels that previously held wine or spirits – can produce complex olfactory and gustatory experiences that are not typically associated with standard beer styles.



In Database
4.5 < 5.4 < 10.2 %


In Database
17 < 31 < 65 IBU


In Database
6 < 9 < 92 EBC
3 < 4 < 47 SRM

Original Extract

In Database
10.9 < 12.3 < 24.2 °P
1.044 < 1.050 < 1.104 OG

Final Gravity

In Database
1.2 < 2.5 < 6.6 °P
1.005 < 1.010 < 1.026 FG

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