Spiced Beer

BJCP 2021:


Spiced Beer is a broad category encompassing any beer that showcases the addition of spices, herbs, or other botanicals which contribute a notable character to the final product. This category includes an array of styles where the use of such culinary adjuncts is intentionally prominent and harmoniously integrated with the base beer flavors. The specifics of individual spiced beers can vary widely, from light and refreshing offerings like spiced wheat ales to robust and warming winter seasonals enriched with cinnamon, vanilla, or nutmeg.

What sets Spiced Beer apart from other categories is the primary role that spices play in flavor profile development. While many beer styles may include subtle spice characters derived from hops or yeast esters, Spiced Beers elevate these aromatic additions from supporting actors to center stage. The diversity within this category is considerable – options range from herb-infused ancient ales to festive pumpkin beers laced with pie spices. A successful example of this style adeptly balances malt sweetness, hop bitterness, and distinctive spice notes to create a cohesive beverage where no single flavor element overshadows the others.

Distinct beer styles within this category:



In Database
3.5 < 6.2 < 10.6 %


In Database
7 < 27 < 75 IBU


In Database
6 < 29 < 96 EBC
3 < 15 < 49 SRM

Original Extract

In Database
9.2 < 15.3 < 24.4 °P
1.037 < 1.063 < 1.104 OG

Final Gravity

In Database
1.3 < 3.9 < 7.1 °P
1.005 < 1.015 < 1.028 FG

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