Acerola, a tropical fruit known for its high vitamin C content, has found an intriguing application in the world of beer brewing. The flavor profile of Acerola is described as tangy and slightly sweet with notes of cherry and apple. When used in beer brewing, it adds a refreshing acidity to the beverage, enhancing its overall taste. Acerola is primarily used as an adjunct or additive during fermentation to impart its unique flavors into the brew.

Apart from its distinct flavor contribution, Acerola also brings certain properties that benefit beer production. Its high vitamin C content acts as a natural antioxidant, helping to preserve the freshness and stability of the final product. Additionally, Acerola's vibrant red color can add visual appeal to certain beer styles.

Typically, brewers incorporate Acerola in lighter beer styles such as wheat beers or sour ales where its fruity acidity complements their delicate profiles. However, adventurous breweries have experimented with using Acerola in other types like IPAs or stouts to create unexpected flavor combinations and exciting twists on traditional recipes.



23 < 23 < 23 EBC
9 < 9 < 9 °L


1.8 < 11.3 < 95.0 %

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