Carrots are a root vegetable often employed in innovative and experimental brewing practices. While not traditionally a staple in beer brewing, carrots are becoming more popular in craft beers, especially in styles such as Gose, Saison, or Vegetable beers. They add a unique character, especially in beers brewed for autumnal harvest celebrations or as distinctive seasonal offerings.

When used in brewing, carrots lend a subtle sweetness and a distinct earthiness to the beer's flavor profile. The vegetable’s naturally occurring sugars can also contribute to the fermentation process, potentially influencing the beer's alcohol content. Additionally, when used in combination with particular yeast strains and brewing techniques, carrots can impart a vibrant, often orange-like hue to the beer, making these brews visually intriguing as well. However, the use of carrots should be well-balanced, as excessive amounts can overwhelm the beer's taste and make it more vegetable-forward than desired.



0 < 10 < 52 EBC
1 < 4 < 20 °L


1.5 < 29.0 < 100.0 %

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