Cashews, although known for their use in culinary dishes and snacks, have also found a unique application in the world of beer brewing. When used as an ingredient, Cashew imparts a distinct flavor profile to the brew. The rich and creamy taste of Cashews adds a smooth nuttiness that complements various beer styles.

Influencing the taste of beer, Cashews enhance its overall complexity and provide a subtle sweetness. This versatile ingredient is commonly utilized during different stages of brewing such as mashing or fermentation. Apart from adding flavor, Cashews also contribute to the mouthfeel and body of the beer. Cashew's properties make it suitable for multiple purposes within brewing. It can be employed directly by incorporating roasted or raw nuts into the mash or used indirectly through extracts or oils derived from Cashews. Moreover, due to its high oil content, careful consideration must be given to prevent excessive lipids in finished beers brewed with this ingredient.

Typical beer styles that incorporate Cashew include stouts, porters, brown ales and even some experimental IPAs. These styles benefit greatly from the addition of Cashew as it enhances their richness while adding depth to their flavors without overpowering other ingredients present in the recipe.



7 < 7 < 7 EBC
3 < 3 < 3 °L


3.5 < 11.5 < 41.3 %

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