Kiwi, a tangy and tropical fruit known for its vibrant green color, has found an interesting application in the world of beer brewing. With a distinct flavor profile that combines sweet and tart notes with hints of citrus and tropical fruits, Kiwi is capable of elevating the taste of beer to new heights. Its unique characteristics influence the taste by adding a refreshing acidity and bright fruitiness that can complement or enhance other flavors present in the brew.

In beer production, Kiwi is primarily used as an additive during fermentation or as a flavoring agent in specialty beers. Its properties work well with both lighter and darker styles, making it versatile for various brews. Kiwi's high natural sugar content also aids in boosting alcohol levels during fermentation without compromising on flavor. Some popular beer styles brewed using Kiwi include wheat beers, pale ales, IPAs (India Pale Ales), sour beers, and even experimental fruity concoctions where brewers get creative with their recipes to deliver distinctive tasting experiences to consumers seeking something different from traditional offerings.



1 < 23 < 23 EBC
1 < 9 < 9 °L


1.4 < 25.0 < 54.2 %

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