Lemon is widely used in beer brewing to add a refreshing and citrusy flavor profile to the brew. Its tangy and zesty notes bring a bright acidity that can complement or enhance various beer styles. The addition of Lemon in brewing influences the taste by imparting a vibrant, crisp, and often slightly sour character to the beer.

Lemon is mainly used for its aroma and flavor contribution, making it an ideal choice for fruit-infused beers such as wheat beers, pale ales, and Belgian witbiers. It adds brightness and complexity to these styles while providing balance between sweetness and acidity. Lemon's properties also make it suitable for use during fermentation as its natural sugars can be converted into alcohol by yeast. This allows brewers to experiment with different techniques like using Lemon zest or juice at specific stages of the brewing process to achieve desired flavors in their creations.



1 < 9 < 12 EBC
1 < 4 < 5 °L

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