Loganberry, a hybrid fruit that originated from a cross between blackberry and raspberry, has found its way into the world of beer brewing. Known for its rich and complex flavor profile, Loganberries bring a unique tartness and sweetness to brews. Its influence on the taste of beer is evident in the form of vibrant berry notes that complement various styles.

In beer brewing, Loganberries are primarily used as an adjunct ingredient to enhance flavors rather than being fermented directly. This allows brewers to experiment with different combinations and create interesting flavor profiles. The properties of Loganberries lend themselves well to sour beers, fruit-infused IPAs, wheat beers, or even stouts when paired with chocolate undertones. The result is often a balanced blend where the natural acidity of the berries adds depth while harmonizing with other ingredients.



345 < 345 < 345 EBC
130 < 130 < 130 °L


2.2 < 16.1 < 30.0 %

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