Passionfruit is a tropical fruit known for its vibrant and tangy flavor profile. When used in beer brewing, it adds a unique twist to the taste of the beverage. The sweet and tart notes of Passionfruit can create a refreshing and exotic character in beers, enhancing their overall complexity.

Passionfruit is primarily used as an adjunct or flavoring agent in beer production. It can be added during different stages of brewing, such as fermentation or conditioning, to infuse the desired flavors into the final product. This versatile fruit pairs well with various beer styles, including sour beers, wheat beers, pale ales, and IPAs.

In addition to its distinct flavor profile, Passionfruit also brings certain properties that contribute to the brewing process. Its acidity levels can help balance out sweetness in malt-forward beers while boosting aromatics. Furthermore, Passionfruit's natural enzymes may aid in breaking down complex sugars during fermentation.



-1 < 7 < 20 EBC
0 < 3 < 8 °L

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