Persimmon, a delicious fruit known for its sweet and honey-like flavor, has found an interesting application in beer brewing. Its unique flavor profile adds a delightful twist to the taste of beer, resulting in a slightly fruity and aromatic brew. The inclusion of Persimmon can bring notes of tropical fruits, caramelized sugars, and even hints of vanilla or spice to the final product.

In addition to enhancing the flavor experience, Persimmons are used in beer brewing primarily for their fermentable sugar content. These sugars provide food for yeast during fermentation, leading to increased alcohol production and contributing to the overall mouthfeel and body of the beer. Persimmons also contain enzymes that aid in breaking down starches into simpler sugars, which further aids in fermentation.

The properties of Persimmon make it suitable for various beer styles like Belgian tripels or strong ales where higher alcohol content is desired. It can also be utilized in lighter styles such as wheat beers or saison-style brews to add complexity and balance out other ingredients. With its versatile nature and distinct flavors, Persimmon offers brewers an exciting ingredient option for creating unique and flavorful beers.



8 < 52 < 52 EBC
4 < 20 < 20 °L


2.1 < 25.3 < 62.3 %

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