Pomegranate has become a popular ingredient in beer brewing due to its unique flavor profile. It adds a sweet and tangy taste with hints of tartness, making it an excellent addition for those looking to experiment with fruit flavors in their brews. The Pomegranate's influence on the taste of beer is notable, as it can transform a regular beer into a refreshing and fruity beverage.

The use of Pomegranate in beer brewing extends beyond just adding flavor. Its properties also contribute to the color and aroma of the final product. Pomegranate is often used as both a primary flavoring agent and as an adjunct during fermentation or aging stages. This versatile fruit pairs well with various styles such as wheat beers, sour beers, saisons, and even stouts.



1 < 93 < 330 EBC
1 < 36 < 124 °L


1.7 < 12.7 < 90.3 %

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