Tangerine, with its vibrant and tangy flavor profile, brings a refreshing twist to beer brewing. Its citrusy characteristics contribute to the overall taste of the beer by adding bright notes of sweetness and acidity. Tangerine is commonly used in brewing to enhance fruity flavors or bring a zesty kick to certain beer styles.

The properties of Tangerine make it an excellent ingredient for creating unique brews. It contains high levels of natural sugars and acids that can complement different malt profiles in beers. The fruit's juice or zest is often added during various stages of fermentation or conditioning, allowing brewers to experiment with the intensity of Tangerine flavor desired.

Tangerine finds its place in a plethora of beer styles, including pale ales, wheat beers, IPAs (India Pale Ales), and even sour beers. Its addition creates delightful combinations such as hoppy citrus-forward IPAs or crisp wheat beers with hints of Tangerine zest. Regardless of the style brewed, incorporating Tangerines into the process adds an invigorating twist that tantalizes the taste buds without overpowering other flavors present in the beer.



7 < 12 < 20 EBC
3 < 5 < 8 °L


0.1 < 8.4 < 81.6 %

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