Amber Malt

Also known as: Special Roast, Aroma 100 MD



Amber Malt is a toasted grain that adds a unique flavor profile to beer brewing. With its deep black color, it imparts rich caramel and toffee notes with hints of roasted flavors. This lends a distinct sweetness and complexity to the taste of beer. When used in brewing, Amber Malt influences the overall taste by providing depth and character. It contributes a malty backbone with subtle bitterness, creating balance within the brew. The caramelized sugars from this malt add sweetness while also enhancing the body and mouthfeel of the beer.

Amber Malt finds use in various styles of beers such as Scottish Ales, English Bitters, Brown Ales, and Porters. Its properties make it ideal for adding color, flavor, and aroma to these styles. Additionally, its ability to enhance head retention makes it valuable for producing visually appealing beers with a creamy foam on top.



12 < 71 < 134 EBC
5 < 27 < 51 °L


1.3 < 7.4 < 87.9 %

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