Basic Barley Malt

Also known as: Brewers Malt 2-Row, Standard 2-Row, Base Malt

Base Malt


Basic Barley Malt is a fundamental ingredient in the beer brewing process. This light-colored base malt forms the backbone of many beer styles due to its versatile and mild characteristics. It's often the most significant portion of the grain bill in a wide range of brews, from light lagers and pilsners to more robust styles such as pale ales and stouts.

The flavor profile of Basic Barley Malt is generally clean and slightly sweet, contributing mainly to the beer's body and complexity without overpowering the taste. It imparts a fresh, grainy flavor, with subtle notes of bread and honey, adding depth to the overall taste of the beer. The malt's light color also allows other ingredients, like hops and specialty malts, to shine, showcasing their distinct flavors and aromas.



1 < 1 < 57 EBC
1 < 1 < 22 °L


4.5 < 69.8 < 98.8 %

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