Biscuit Malt

Also known as: Victory Malt



Biscuit Malt is a toasted grain that adds a distinct and rich flavor profile to beer. It imparts a warm, nutty, and slightly toasted taste that enhances the overall complexity of the brew. This malt has a unique ability to influence the taste of beer by providing a biscuit-like character with hints of caramel and bread crust.

Due to its flavorful properties, Biscuit Malt is commonly used in various beer styles to add depth and complexity. It is often employed in brown ales, porters, stouts, and Belgian-style beers. The dark color of this malt contributes to the visual appeal of these beers as well as lending a subtle sweetness to their taste profiles. Its toasted nature helps balance out the bitterness from hops and provides a smooth and rounded mouthfeel.



45 < 60 < 77 EBC
18 < 23 < 29 °L


1.2 < 5.0 < 20.7 %

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