Black Malt

Also known as: Black Barley, Black Patent, Château Black, Blackprinz



Black Malt is a key ingredient in beer brewing that adds distinctive flavors and characteristics to the final product. With its roasted grain profile, Black Malt imparts a rich, deep flavor with notes of coffee, chocolate, and even hints of burnt toast. Its intense roastiness can greatly influence the taste of beer by providing a robust bitterness and contributing to the overall complexity.

This malt is typically used in small quantities due to its potent properties. It helps enhance the color of beers, adding darkness and depth. Additionally, it contributes a dryness and slight acidity that balances out sweeter malts or sugars used in brewing. Black Malt finds extensive use in stouts, porters, brown ales, and other dark beer styles where its distinct flavor profile shines through beautifully.



337 < 1,333 < 1,760 EBC
127 < 500 < 660 °L


0.4 < 2.8 < 12.0 %

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