Brown Malt

Also known as: Aroma 150 MD



Brown Malt is a roasted grain used in beer brewing that adds a distinct flavor profile to the final product. It imparts rich, nutty, and sometimes even slightly smoky flavors to the beer. These flavors are often described as biscuit-like or toasted bread, making it an excellent choice for adding depth and complexity to darker beer styles such as porters and stouts.

The influence of Brown Malt on the taste of beer can vary depending on how much is used during the brewing process. When used in smaller quantities, it may provide subtle hints of its characteristic flavors without overpowering other ingredients. However, when used more prominently, its presence becomes more pronounced and contributes significantly to the overall flavor profile.

Due to its unique properties, Brown Malt serves various purposes in beer brewing beyond just adding flavor. It also provides color stability by contributing dark hues like black or deep brown to the brew. Additionally, it enhances mouthfeel and head retention due to its high protein content. Apart from porters and stouts, Brown Malt can be found in recipes for Scottish ales or English bitters where its distinctive characteristics complement those specific beer styles exceptionally well.



65 < 172 < 515 EBC
25 < 65 < 194 °L


1.2 < 6.1 < 31.6 %

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