CaraFa II

Also known as: Roasted Malt II



CaraFa II, a roasted black grain, finds its application in beer brewing due to its unique flavor profile and ability to influence the taste of beer. This grain imparts rich flavors of chocolate, coffee, and dark malt into the brew, contributing to a deep and complex flavor profile. It is mainly used for adding color without adding significant bitterness or harshness to the beer.

In addition to its flavor-enhancing properties, CaraFa II also brings certain characteristics that make it ideal for specific styles of beers. Its dark color lends itself well to stouts, porters, schwarzbiers (black lagers), and other dark beer styles where a deeper hue is desired. Furthermore, this roasted grain adds body and smoothness while reducing astringency in the final product.



817 < 1,133 < 1,150 EBC
307 < 425 < 432 °L


0.5 < 2.9 < 11.3 %

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