CaraFa III

Also known as: Roasted Malt III



CaraFa III is a roasted grain that adds a distinct flavor profile to beer brewing. Its black color contributes to its rich and robust taste, making it perfect for adding depth and complexity to various beer styles. It influences the taste of beer by imparting notes of chocolate, coffee, and roasted malt which enhance the overall flavor experience.

This grain is commonly used in stouts, porters, and dark lagers where its properties shine through. CaraFa III brings a smoothness to these brews with low bitterness levels while also contributing to their deep coloring. With its ability to add both body and intense flavors, this roasted grain plays an essential role in creating well-balanced beers with unique characteristics that are loved by craft beer enthusiasts worldwide.



1,034 < 1,426 < 1,426 EBC
388 < 535 < 535 °L


0.4 < 3.1 < 10.5 %

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