CaraFa Special III

Also known as: Roasted Malt Special III, Dehusked Carafa III



CaraFa Special III, a roasted black grain, is highly valued in beer brewing for its unique flavor profile and the influence it has on the taste of beer. This grain brings rich flavors of chocolate, coffee, and dark malts to the brew. It adds depth and complexity to the overall character of the beer by imparting a smooth bitterness and a slightly roasted aroma.

The main purpose of using CaraFa Special III in beer brewing is to enhance color, body, and maltiness. Its properties make it an excellent choice for adding deep brown to black hues in beers without adding excessive roastiness or harshness. Additionally, this roasted grain contributes to a velvety mouthfeel while maintaining balance with other ingredients. Typical beer styles brewed with CaraFa Special III include Stouts, Porters, Schwarzbiers (black lagers), and Dunkelweizens (dark wheat beers). These styles benefit from its ability to provide robust dark flavors while preserving their desired characteristics such as sweetness or lightness.



926 < 1,358 < 1,895 EBC
348 < 509 < 711 °L


0.4 < 3.0 < 10.0 %

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