Caramel/Crystal Malt – 45L

Also known as: Crystal Malt 45L, Caramel Malt 45L

Caramel/Crystal Malt


Caramel/Crystal Malt – 45L is a grain used in beer brewing that imparts a distinct flavor profile to the final product. It adds notes of caramel, toffee, and sometimes even raisin or prune. This malt influences the taste of beer by providing sweetness and body, as well as contributing to its color.

This particular type of malt is commonly used for adding depth and complexity to various styles of beer such as brown ales, porters, stouts, and amber ales. Its properties include enhancing the mouthfeel with a smooth texture while also increasing head retention. The dark black color it lends can range from light copper hues all the way up to deep amber tones depending on the quantity used in the recipe.



111 < 119 < 119 EBC
42 < 45 < 45 °L


1.4 < 5.1 < 18.2 %

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