CaraMunich III

Caramel/Crystal Malt


CaraMunich III, a caramel/crystal malt with a deep black color, is widely used in the beer brewing industry for its rich flavor profile and ability to enhance the taste of beers. This grain imparts a malty sweetness and notes of toffee, caramel, and dark fruit to the brew. Its influence on the taste of beer can be described as adding depth and complexity, giving it a fuller body and enhancing its overall richness.

With its distinct properties, CaraMunich III is primarily used for adding both color and flavor to various beer styles. It contributes an intense reddish-brown hue that enhances visual appeal while also providing a sweet maltiness that complements other ingredients in the recipe. Due to its unique characteristics, this grain is commonly utilized in darker beer styles such as stouts, porters, dunkels (dark lagers), bocks, and Scottish ales. These styles benefit greatly from CaraMunich III's ability to give them an added layer of complexity by incorporating flavors reminiscent of roasted nuts or even dried fruits into their profiles.



140 < 151 < 188 EBC
53 < 57 < 71 °L


1.2 < 5.5 < 19.5 %

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